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Cosón Beach, recipient of the The Blue Flag award for its sustainable development and water quality since 2007 and considered one of the Top Ten Beaches in the World according to Luxury Living International Magazine, is one of the last beaches still practically unknown in the Caribbean.

This 6-kilometer-long beach, with two unspoiled rivers constantly flowing into its crystal-blue waters ma...

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Las Terrenas

With over twenty miles of white-sand, crystal-clear, unpolluted, stunning virgin beaches, Las Terrenas -which encompasses the communities of Playa Coson, Playa La Bonita, Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Popy and Playa Portillo- has developed from a small fishing village into a cosmopolitan town where you will find the treasures of an unspoiled and precious nature in a wonderful tropical paradise.

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Playa Bonita

It is understandable why this beach is called Playa Bonita meaning Pretty Beach.

Extending from Punta Bonita, at the end of Playa Coson, to Loma Bonita, this beach hosts a series of beachfront hotels, apartments, luxury homes and restaurants.

Its seashore walkway makes it a favorite for long strolls, jogging, bike riding and enjoying the beautiful scenery of this tropical paradise.

Playa ballenas

Las Ballenas

This 3-kilometer-long beach -extending from the end of Playa La Bonita to downtown Las Terrenas- is named Playa Las Ballenas (The Whales) after the three rocks resembling a pod of whales, the bull, the cow and their calf, which can be seen from shore.

Stroll all the way down to its end from the Fishermen's Village and enjoy the good food along the way.

A popular beach among tourists, ...

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Playa Popy

This beach is named after Mr. Popy Bermúdez, a member of the Bermúdez family who owns Ron Bermúdez among other businesses, as well as a section of this beach and some of its surroundings.

Following the decision not to privatize Punta Popy, this beautiful spot has become the stage for community events such as Las Terrenas 10k, Etno Mix and others.

It is one of the most popular beaches in...

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El Portillo

Playa Portillo was originally named by French filibusters as Petit Port.

The named translated into Spanish as Portillo, meaning "small port" and was the entrance way for all supplies to the area before proper roads were built into Samana and especially Las Terrenas.

Currently, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around, extending for kilometers and hosting luxury hotels, hom...

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La Barbacoa

Right between the communities of Las Terrenas and El Limon sits La Barbacoa with its impressive hills and wonderful beaches.

It encompasses part of the El Portillo Beach and the Estillero Beach among other small wonderful coves and hidden treasures.

A perfect place to be away in a tranquil environment, but close to all the action of Las Terrenas.

Cayo limon

El Limón

The community of El Limón covers the villages of Playa Morón, Playa El Limón and Playa Las Canas.

About 14 kilometers from Las Terrenas, El Limón is a very interesting village founded as a fort in the 1800s.

Its main attractions, the river and El Salto de El Limón, the waterfalls, are visited by thousands of tourists every year, making this activity the main economic source of income.