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Realities and Lifestyles

Pueblo pescadores ano 1980

"In 1975, Las Terrenas was a small village of farmers and fishermen. Everyone spoke Spanish. Las Terrenas had no food to buy, no stores, no gasoline station, no ice, no electricity, no telephones, no cars, no motorcycles, no post office, no newspapers, and no tourists. Las Terrenas was very beautiful and quiet. The road over the mountain from Sanchez to Las Terrenas was first built in 1969. It fell into disrepair and in 1975 it was in very bad condition. It was repaved in 1989 and again in 2010."

"There was no road to Playa Bonita and Playa Coson in 1975. You had to drive slowly on a dirt path across the private coconut plantation of Señor Maximo Galvan to go to those beaches. Señor Galvan owned the largest general store in Sanchez. It was called Casa Galvan."

Excerpt written on November 16, 2012 by and published with permission of Ms. Susan M. Grady. She and her husband, Mr. Adelphia Dane Bowen, Jr., were the first foreigners to build a private home in Las Terrenas. For the full article, please visit LasTerrenasGo.Com. Images by Milo Rodriguez, NYC and Pit Hanke, Las Terrenas.

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