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Are you ready to become friends with your real estate agent?

This is the only risk you run with Alma and Jesús, the founders and organizers of PlayaMax Real Estate.

We met three years ago when we were looking for a yearly rental in Las Terrenas. They not only very quickly found the location that suited us, but they were also very helpful in guiding us through our first steps in Dominican territory.

Then, a year later, when we tried to buy, Alma and Jesús understood our expectations and, to our delight, guided us to the place we live today.

Alma are Jesús are professionals, always present and attentive, and thanks to their great experience of Las Terrenas and their ethics, certainly one of the best local real estate agencies.

In addition, their human qualities make you actually run the risk of becoming, like us, their friends.

Jean Michel Farce

Paris / Cosón, Las Terrenas

As an owner in Colina Al Mar real estate development projects in Las Terrenas, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jesús and Alma for sometime now.

There are many real estate brokers in Las Terrenas to choose from and many possible alternatives. I am in a unique position of having met and worked with several others over the last five years, and hands down I consider Jesús and Alma the very best. If I personally were asked by a friend or family member to refer them to a realtor in the area, I would have them call PlayaMax. I hold Jesús and Alma in the highest regard and esteem and I know PlayaMax is a true professional real estate brokerage firm.

I am proud to write this testimonial as you have brought us many happy customers and it is easy to see how happy they are with your professional services. You negotiate the best deal possible and are forever in your client’s service, going above and beyond the call to duty. I have witnessed this with several persons whom you have represented in a completed purchase with us. You are thorough and fair and extremely timely and consistent with all of your clients. Your word means everything to you as it does to me. These are some of the reasons why I wouldn’t hesitate to have you represent me or my family. I’m sure someday I will have the pleasure of you being on my team the way you have represented your clients with us, a true professional. Please do not hesitate to show this testimonial to anyone that it will help you with and have them phone me and talk in person, if I can be of help to you.

Barry Fine

Coral Gables, Florida

I often wondered during our buying process when the agent would drift away and leave us on our own. That never happened. Jesús and Alma have stayed with us now for four years continuing to advise and help out with the smallest items.
Jesús led us through the minefields and although the process is slow and inverted compared to the USA, it does come together in the end.
We love our place on the beach and would do it all over again and would work with Jesús again.
As a result of all this, Jesús and his wife Alma have become very good friends with my wife and myself.

Pete and Joscelyn Shoptaw

Memphis, Tennessee

Nous faisons affaire avec PlayaMax Real Estate depuis 5 ans, en premier comme acheteurs puis ensuite comme locataires. Nous avons toujours été bien servis et n’avons jamais été déçu. Lorsqu’on fait affaire avec PlayaMax on est assuré d’un service courtois et professionnel.

Michèle Paré

Lac Brome, Canada

Our stay at this wonderful condo in Ventanas Al Mar was amazing. We spent 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year and didn’t want to leave. We would love to return again. We have rented through this service in the past and although we have always been satisfied, we had never felt the urge to write a review. This place deserves a review.

Right from the first communication, the owner, Mike was responsive and easy to communicate with. He offered great suggestions and things of interest for our vacation. The condo itself was beautiful and exactly as advertised and the location is one of the best in the area. It has a great view, just as shown in the pictures.

We were introduced by email to the property manager, Jesús, who was extremely helpful even before we arrived. He picked us up from the airport for a small fee and on route to the condo, gave us a tour of the town, showed us the grocery store, recommended several restaurants and introduced us to the car rental agency. Ernesto, the caretaker was friendly and very helpful as well.

We can highly recommend this condo to anyone looking to visit this area.

Katherine and Wolfgang

Toronto, Canada

When my wife and I were trying to find a secure and comfortable Caribbean property to rent for winter in Las Terrenas, a Realtor friend from Sosua recommended we worked with Ms. Alma Arellano at PlayaMax Real Estate. I was impressed with the professionalism, thoroughness and efficiency of Ms. Arellano. Finding the right rental property long distance is not easy, but to do this from the USA for a property in the Caribbean and end up completely satisfied can be very difficult.

Ms. Arellano is knowledgeable, and she easily removed all of our apprehensions and fears. I unconditionally recommend her.

It was a pleasant experience to deal with an organization that takes pride in providing a first-class service.

I have no problems recommending Ms. Alma Arellano as a Real Estate Rental Professional and her outfit PlayaMax Real Estate.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mendoza Kingsley

Freemont, Michigan, USA

In 2010, my wife and I were considering buying a second home in Florida. We had seen a lot but over the years but just did not fall in love with anything, particularly that we could afford. Meanwhile, I came across an article about the charm and beauty of Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula. After reading researching the region a bit further, I read an incredible “International Living” article that raved further of the great European and local flare of this once very remote fishing village. It went on further to detail the strong real estate opportunities that were emerging due in large part to the new highway and recently completed international airport now serving the area.

Enough reading... we pressed paused on Florida and planned our trip to see Las Terrenas for ourselves. The most fateful day in the fall of 2012 is when PlayaMax Real Estate popped up in my Google search. I called the phone number and as fate should have it, I was immediately speaking with Jesús Iturralde. I can very safely say some 18 months later that I connected with the most knowledgeable, responsive and trustworthy real estate professional in the area.

In our subsequent visits to the area, Jesús and his wife Alma spent hours with my wife and me, enjoying each other’s company but all the time learning a lot about Las Terrenas and the local market. Fast forward to today, Jesús found us an outstanding luxury oceanfront apartment steps away from the Fisherman’s Village and the best of Las Terrenas. He helped us negotiate a great deal as well. However, I strongly believe where Jesús distinguishes himself from others is the incredible support he continues to provide us post sale. This includes walking to the bank to open an account, getting our utilities setup properly, directing us to the right insurance and lawyer contacts and so much more. All this while serving as our de facto interpreter whenever needed! Our transition to living and enjoying Las Terrenas could not have been smoother. Indeed, it has been Jesús' tireless effort that has made this possible.

I will add that we also rent our place out, VRBO #445940. Alma serves as our rental manager. She has done an incredible job of getting guests and our other family members settled and feeling right at home. All this is done on a turnkey and always professional basis. Because she handles all the details related to the rentals, she has made our decision to rent our place a great one!

We hope you connect with Jesús and Alma. I am confident you will be very happy to have made their acquaintance.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bidwell

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

My wife and I are very excited to see Jesús Iturralde opening up his own real estate office in Las Terrenas. Mr. Iturralde was our agent at Century 21 Juan Perdomo for the past several years. He is the most professional sales agent that we have ever dealt with in the Las Terrenas area. He knows his market and he always followed up the same day on any inquiries that we ever made. We had a bad situation develop on our million dollar beach front property in El Portillo last year, where a great deal of construction debris had been dumped on our property. Jesús made a personal call to me making us aware of the situation. Due to his actually visiting clients properties, that he represents, he got the ball rolling immediately. Due to his efforts, the situation was corrected by the responsible party in a matter of weeks. A fence was erected around our property, which Jesús inspected on a regular basis during the clean-up and during the erection of the fence. Several times a week, he would email us pictures keeping us advised as to how things were progressing.

Now, on the flip side of the coin, another well-known real estate agency in Las Terrenas, who also had our listing never called during this time. When I recently contacted the other agency one year later, I asked the simple question: When was the last time you stopped by and looked at our property? The agent told me that they had been by the property on a regular basis. I then asked, did you notice anything different about the property? They said, no. I then informed the agent of what had happened and that the property had been completely regraded and fenced in for the past year. The agent didn’t miss a beat, they said, will you send me some before and after pictures? That one statement told me that they didn’t have a clue as to what had happened. I don’t know how to give a stronger recommendation for anyone. Jesús Iturralde is the consummate Professional and he actually cares about the wellbeing of his clients. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vernon

Roswell, Georgia, USA